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Hi people! you have reached the epic PANDASTRIPES AWESOME WIKI. This is a wiki that anyone can join. The web address is http// because i love drawing anime and i love pandas. You can post a article on anything you want me or someone else to know about you. Post as many articles as you want guys I want this wiki to be AWESOME!!! Anyway good luck.

Admins and users wantedEdit

Hey guys this wiki is in sierious need for admins or mods so if you want to become one please let me know, and i may consider it. I have a few in mind and I think you know who you are. Also- this wiki is in dire need of users. So far im the only one. So if you can register!!!

People who have gotten rollback rightsEdit

Just letting you guys know that c-star has been promoted to rollback! Congradulations!

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