Collin is PandaStripes crush who is often mentioned after school when she has had a good day. He used to do karate and he draws sorta bad according to Pandastripe. he plays the trombone just like pandastripe. He may like her but this is not yet confirmed. He is now in 2nd place in the trombone section in the middle school band with 10 stickers. His brothers are Harrison and Spencer. he, along with Harrison are featured in many of PandaStripes flipnotes. PandaStripe and him are now becomeing great friends and she is getting closer and closer to figuring out who he likes. Once, Collin caught PandaStripe when she fell. he also acidentally knocked over a bin and it was coming torwards pandastripe and he blocked it. When Ashley yells at PandaStripe Collin gets worried about her. Same if she looks depressed. He once asked PandaStripe if she was going goth. His and PandaStripes "romance" might be put to an end if she changes schools.

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