The title screen for the fourth season.

Code Lyoko is a 2D and 3D cartoon series, aired on Cartoon Network. It starts out when a boy, called Jeremy Belpois, restarts a super computer in an old, worn-down factory when he was looking for electronic pieces to work with. When the computer was reactivated, so was the virtual world inside of it. The name of the world was called Loko. Upon turning the computer on, he discovers there is some type of female human program inside of it, but she does not know anything about herself, and Jeremy names her Maya, and tells her to look around, see he can also see what she sees. Upon leaving the tower she was awoken in, two strange monsters attacked her, and she ran back to the safety of the tower, and Jeremy tells her to stay inside until he can help her. Little did Jeremy know, when he turned on the Super computer, he also released an evil program called X.A.N.A., that has a mind of its own. Going back to his dorm in the highschool he attends, he stops to get a drink from a vending machine, when he suddenly gets shocked from a mysterious force. Ulrich Stern, another boy from the highschool, was showing a new student, and also his new roomate, Odd Della Robbia, around the achool, when they see Jeremy get shocked. They take him back to the school's infirmiry to heal up, and asked him what happened. After a little rest, Jeremy goes back to his room, and tries to connect his computer to the super computer, so he can speak to Maya, and try to learn more about the super computer. Before he connects to the super computer, a strange, red eye shaped pattern appears on his monitor. Confused, he suddenly remembers that the monsters that attacked Maya also had the strand pattern on them. When he tries to sort everything out, a number of the small machines he made suddenly come alive and attack him. At this same time, Ulrich is passing by Jeremy's dorm, and hears Jeremy scream. Quickly, he rushes in, and destroys the machines attacking Jeremy. He than asks Jeremy what's going on, after witnessing him being zapped and attacked. Jeremy says it's nothing, and tries to get Ulrich to leave. Ulrich refuses to leave, and Jeremy is forced to tell him what happened. Jeremy takes Ulrich to the factory, and shows him the super computer, and Maya as well. He tells Ulrich of "Scanners" in the lower room, that may allow something to be sent to the virtual world, and asks Ulrich if he would be willing to go there and help Maya, but Ulrich suggests using a "guinea pig" to test it out first. He than remembers the dog that Odd brought with him, Kiwi, and after having a fight about Kiwi with Odd. Ulrich goes back to his dorm, and quietly takes Kiwi, but by accident, awakens Odd, who happened to be sleeping. Running with Kiwi, Ulrich runs outside the highschool, headed to the factory, being chased by Odd, who wants his dog back. Right as they leave the building, the principle's daughter, Sissi, notices what happens, and chases them, afraid Odd is going to hurt Ulrich, who she's in love with. Making his way to the scanner room, Ulrich places Kiwi in a scanner and leaves to the room Jeremy is in, while Jeremy begins to scan Kiwi to the virtual world. Right before Kiwi is teleported, Odd sees Kiwi and runs at him, picks him up, and hugs him. Kiwi jumps out of his hands, and right before Odd can go after him, the door on the scanner shuts, and Odd begins to be sent to the virtual world, while Sissi watches, confused as to what's happening. Jeremy, who is currently transfering Odd, comments how strange the dog looks, and Ulrich is stunned, as he notices it's Odd that's somehow getting scanned. Jeremy can't stop the process, and Odd is safely sent to Lyoko. Pondering on what happened, Odd realizes that his surroundings are different, as is he. Jeremy is able to contact him, and tells him what happened, but is baffled by the way Odd looks, as he looks like he is wearing a purple, uniform that looks much like a cat. Noticing Maya, who has heard from Jeremy that some one is there to help her, Odd goes to meet her. At the same moment, Maya senses something, and at the same time, something begins to happen in the real world. Noticing this, Jeremy sees that the super computer is acting up, and begins to show a list of towers, like the one Maya was in. The super computer stops on a tower, and Jeremy notices there is something strange about it. Asking Odd and Maya to look at the problem, they begin to get attacked by monsters. Seeing this, Ulrich heads to the scanner room, hoping to help Odd. Ulrich makes it to Lyoko, and notices he is wearing samurai-like clothing, and unsheathes a sword, ready to help Odd and Maya. Odd notices Ulrich, and his sword, and begins to argue to Jeremy that he should've been given weapons, and a better suit than a "big purple cat". While arguing, a bullet is shot from his arm. Noticing this, he decides that the suit may not be so bad, and assists Ulrich. After beating all the enemies, they make their way to the tower. Before Jeremy can tell them there are enemies hiding behind the scenery, he is attacked by wires and electricity. Odd asks Jeremy how much longer until they make it to the tower, but Odd gets no response. Then, enemies appear, and attack Odd, Ulrich, and Maya. They fight back, but begin to lose. Noticing that they may go back to the real world, but Maya can't, they tell her to get to the tower while they destract the enemies. Odd and Ulrich get shot down, and return to the real world, going into the room Jeremy is in, wondering why he didn't respond. They are shocked at what they see. A giant wire is about to zap Jeremy, who is unconcious from being zapped before Odd asked him the question. Realizing they must help, they try to defeat the wires, and Ulrich goes first. He finds a metal plate, and swings it at the wire about to zap Jeremy. As the plate goes through the wire, the electric current goes through the metal plate, and zaps Ulrich. He gets stunned and cannot move, and notices the wire about to zap Jeremy, when it stops and falls. Odd was able to slice through the rest of the wire with the plate, and Maya manages to get to the tower. Walking slowly towards the center of the tower, she is lifted up, and lands on a platform. A small screen pops up, and Maya puts her hand on it, wondering what it is. The words "Aelita" show up, and as they disappear, a few maore words come up. "Code" is writen on the screen, and under it is written, "Lyoko". In the real world, several more wires appear and are about to zap Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy, and Sissy, when the wires stop moving and fall to the ground. They realised Maya saved them, but she says that her real name is "Aelita". After seeing it on the screen, she managed to remember her name. (end of part 1. I will finish up the rest of the plot later).

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